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Article in the Greenpointers

"On “this side” of McGuinness, Grapepoint Wines opened. At the grand opening, I chatted with Joanna, a young entrepreneur and wine shop owner." continue reading

Article in the Greenpoint Gazette

"Joanna Zablocki comes from a family of entrepreneurs. The Williamsburg native’s parents have operated Krystyna’s Laundromat on the Northside for 30 years. Now, she is flexing her own entrepreneurial muscle with the opening of Grapepoint Wines." continue reading

Article in Nowy Dziennik

"Na Greepoincie powstał nowy sklep oferujący wina z całego świata. Właścicielka Joanna Zabłocki ma nadzieję, że będzie to miejsce nie tylko zakupów, ale też punkt spotkań miłośników tego trunku, chcących dowiedzieć się o winie czegoś więcej." continue reading

Article in the Unleash the Brilliance Within

Interview by Eva Work "I sat down with Joanna Zablocki, the 26 yr old founder of GrapePoint Wines based in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. A one time project manager overseeing 30 people in her corporate job, Joanna discovered her passion for wine during the year she was laid off and then boldly turned turned her passion into her business." continue reading

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